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Luton Airport to London, help understanding transport

I posted this on the Transportation page but am hoping some Brits or someone who knows London well may see it here and help!!!
"I need help understanding all of the information that I'm reading online along with Rick Steve's book regarding the shuttle bus from Luton Airport to London. I am thoroughly confused! Is easybus the same as Green Line?!?!?!? Rick's book describes them as two different lines, but states "Although the buses are the same Green Line and easyBus operate different pricing policies for ticketing. easyBus are normally the cheapest to deal with." If we purchase one way tickets on Green, it's 13 Pounds (and that's with an easyjet customer discount!) but if I go to easybus's website, it ranges from 8.99 and 9.99 Pounds (for the time of day we will be riding). I hesitate to buy tickets online before the date of our arrival because I don't know the exact time we will be able to catch the bus. (Airport arrivals and then getting through the airport is always unpredictable.) I don't want to buy a later ticket than is necessary because we only have one day in London and we need to maximize every second that we have. (In other words, I don't want to lock in a 9:30am bus because what if we can get on an 8:30am bus?) Our flight arrives at 8:15am and we do not need a return ticket as we depart out of a different airport. Any help is so appreciated."

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I think my post on your other thread will answer your questions. If it does, then please delete this duplicate thread.

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The Luton service is quite confusing.
The concept to grasp is that there is only one bus service, but 3 companies involved.
easyBus and Green Line jointly operate the service, sometimes you'll get an easyBus, sometimes its a Green Line Bus, but its the same service jointly run.

Regards ticketing there are 3 companies, easyBus, Green Line and Terravision - all have ticket kiosks next to each other in the arrivals hall and all sell the tickets at different prices, even though its for the same bus.
There are also different prices if you book in advance on the net. Normally easyBus booked in advance is the cheapest and paying the driver on the day is the most expensive.

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Just an update as to what we did in case anyone refers back to this for help. Just as was suggested on here, the woman next to us on the plane told us to take the train or we ran the risk of running into traffic with the bus. So we were willing to spend more money to save time. We flew into Luton on Easyjet, and the flight attendants actually sold train tickets on board the plane which was wonderful. The tickets were 11 Pounds per person and we got the tickets ON the plane so no need to stand in line when we got to the station. Got the shuttle bus to Luton Parkway and got right onto the train.