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Luggage Storage - Travelodge or Euston Station

I'll be getting into London around 6 am. I'm just looking for a reasonable 1 night accommodation so Travelodge fits the bill. Their website isn't real helpful and I can't tell if they will hold the luggage as I run run around London. So, my questions are: Has anyone stayed there and stored their luggage? If not, does Euston station offer luggage storage? Thanks for the help

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I recall reading on Tripadvisor that Travelodge is one of the few hotels that won't store luggage. There is a left luggage facility at Euston. postscript: If you search for luggage on the travelodge website, it states this: "We regret to tell you that we have no storage rooms in any of our hotels. This decision was made following advice from the Police.
It is possible to arrange, with the hotel, an earlier check-in (from 12 noon) or later check-out (until 2pm). This is subject to availability and a £10 cost."

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Travelodge is very much a budget chain. One of the ways that they reduce their costs is by not having staff on duty at all times at the reception desk. This may not be true of all Travelodge hotels, but is certainly the case at many. The reception desk may be only staffed from 2 o'clock onwards, which may be why you need to arrange an early check-in (and pay for it) if that suits your plans. You pays your money, and you takes your choice. If you want a higher standard of service, you choose somewhere else to stay. Check carefully to establish exactly what Travelodge does and doesn't provide.

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There is Excess Baggage Company at Euston Station above platforms 16, 17, 18, just after the AMT coffee kiosk. They x-ray the bags and have restrictions on bag contents. They open from 7 am to an hour before midnight. You do have to pay for the priv - £9 per bag per day. Are you arriving on the Sleeper from that cold country to our north? It is usually close to on time.

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You don't say where you are going about London - some of the museums operate a left luggage facility under the cost of that of Euston.

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A big thanks to you all for the help. We will be doing the luggage storage at Euston as that seems to fit our plans best. Thanks again.