Luggage on the Nutshell

Ok, I'm going to try this question again. My sister and I are going to Scandinavia next June. We were going to spend a night in the fjord region, but has decided against it. We plan to do the Nutshell one way from Oslo to Bergen. Although we travel light, we will (naturally) have our luggage with us. As the ferry ride through the fjords seems to be one way from Flam to Gudvangen, will we be toting our suitcases onto the ferry? Where would we stow them? Are there lockers on the ferry? I have been all over the fjord chapter in Rick's Scandinavia book (May 2013) and have yet to find anything advising what to do with luggage. Surely someone, somewhere knows what to do since "doing the Nutshell one-way between Bergen and Oslo is most satisfying" pg 293. Thanks,

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I did the Nutshell one way from Oslo to Bergen in July 2003. I had a carryon size bag and a 24 inch suitcase. I had no problems with the luggage at any time. From Oslo to Myrdal, you're on a regular train, so the luggage fit overhead. On the Flamsbana, the racks are smaller, but I still had no problem (I may have had to keep one bag in the aisle - don't remember). On the boat, there's plenty of space. I forget if I put my luggage in racks or kept it next to me. On the bus from Gudvangen to Voss, it's a big "Pullman" style bus, so big bags go in storage compartments underneath. And the train from Voss to Bergen was an older train than the new and fancy one out of Oslo, but it still had overhead racks that were big enough for my bags. Writing all this out, I see I don't remember all the details, but I do remember worrying about space on the Flamsbana (it is a smaller car than on a regular train), and it turning out not to be a problem (I didn't have to leave any bags behind).

Posted by Marcella
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So you had your luggage with you on the ferry. No worries about it being out of sight if you moved to a railing or got occupied with the scenery? Surely there's a less cumbersome way to handle luggage on the Nutshell.

Posted by Harold
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It wasn't cumbersome. I'm not sure what problems you're expecting. As I said, I was only worried about the luggage size issue on the Flamsbana, and that turned out fine. On everything else, I had no issues. Remember, the ferry ride is only about 2 hours. If you're really worried, you should have all valuables in a smaller bag that you can carry with you when you leave your seat (that's what I like to do on a train). Your larger bag can have the dirty clothes and such, so it's out of sight you don't need to worry. Of course, anyone can be on the boat, but it wasn't a "bad crowd" and I wasn't worried about theft any more than I would be on any train or bus.

Posted by Edgar
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If you are traveling"light" you should not have any problems with luggage. While prudence calls for keeping your travel documents and any"can't afford to lose" stuff with you or in sight, Norwegians are pretty honest, especially away from urban areas. Just remember that there are other foreigners travelling around Norway. The train from Oslo to Mydral is a regular train with overhead luggage racks and a luggage closet sized area at the car's end. During Easter week, Norwegians with large backpacks with provisions for a week and ski gear will fill the cars. The Fram railway car down to the fjord is smaller but should have space for bags. You may have a wait for the ferry so you can either walk around and shop or guard your bag. No problem with the boat or bus. We over nighted in Voss taking a local to Bergen which was not crowded and I don't recall any luggage issues. Bottom line is that if you are comfortable carrying your stuff around Oslo and Bergen, your gear should fit the luggage spaces.

Posted by Gwen
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We did the same Nutshell trip in 2007 with my family. I too don't remember any trouble. All the suitcases are piled in the front of the ferry. No one is getting off the boat with your luggage!! Nothing to worry about. Enjoy it, it's a great trip.

Posted by Ken
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If you are traveling light, you should have no problems. The ferries have areas where you stow your luggage as you board. If you do the Oslo to Bergen route, you are looking at a 12+ hour day on the train, boat, and bus. I would suggest to break it up with at least 1 night on the fjord. You will then have a chance to soak in the beauty of the area rather than just passing through. This past June, we took the express boat to Balestrand from Flam and spent 2 nights there. Spent the day going to Vik to visit the stave kirk then went to the glacier center in the afternoon. Spent the evening enjoying the peace of the fjord. Took the express boat from Balestrand to Bergenfantastic views!

Posted by Julie
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If you're really worried about your luggage, you can also get them transferred for you by Porter Service AS. I did this a couple of years ago, though I did Bergen to Oslo. The company picked up my suitcase early that morning from my hotel in Bergen and it was waiting for me at my hotel in Oslo when I arrived that night. It's about US$40 per bag and I thought not having to worry about my luggage or dragging it around everywhere was well worth the price. I found out about the company from the Norway in a Nutshell website (see the Facts tab). Julie