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Low allowable weights for hand luggage

Oops! We leave for London in 5 more sleeps and have just discovered that Thomas Cook airlines only allows 5kg (you read it right) for carry-on luggage. This most certainly blows the hell out of our "best laid plans" of copying Rick and travelling with only backpacks; no checked in luggage. We even bought R.'s most recommended packs; which empty probably weigh 1-2kgs. So my question is, has anyone else run into this? If so, can you buy your way out of it by paying extra at the airport; the very thoughts of which makes me insane, seeing as how we're not even using our allotted checkin luggage weight. Any comments/advice much appreciated.

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There are a number of airlines with strict carryon limits like this (I think Ryanair's is much the same). You'll most likely be required to check your bags. However, you could then take a smaller bag onboard for things you might need during the flight. Check your airline's website or call their customer service number to find out if they will let you pay for the overweight bag and still bring it onboard. You might be shocked at what they could charge you for doing that, though, since it's usually based on each additional kg over the limit.

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Unfortunately, paying extra to bring it on board isn't an option. They'll just make you check your bags. As Nancy says, bring your necessaries in a small tote or similar to carry on with you.

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After seeing your post and your location, I went to the site I've been using to check prices to London (Canadian Affair) and saw that 5kg limit. I'd been to the site before and hadn't noticed, but had googled Air Transat and found a much higher carryon limit! I guess the discount airfares mean a discount in carryons.

I'm not sure that I could do it, even with 11 pounds per person... unless it was a heatwave in London and all that was required is a bikini! ;)

Good luck!

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I flew Sunwing in January with the same 5 kg limit. I know my pack was over the weight, but they never weighed it - likely because it's small and it was my only bag. Everyone in line with two giant suitcases plus carryon had theirs weighed, and many were charged for extra weight.

If I were you, I'd plan to carry on and if they weigh it, be prepared to pull out a little sack of essentials for the plane and check the rest.

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Just check your bags. There is way too much focus on having only carry-on bags in my opinion. I checked my bags when we flew from London to Spain with some obscure charter flight and everything was fine.

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I agree completely with Eli. Check your bag! I just don't understand this fixation on carrying everythng on board! I have NEVER done this and have never lost anything and that is in over 40 years of flying to and from Europe. By the time you clear Immigration your bags are usually on the carousel. And if you have to wait a few minutes, this is not going to ruin your trip.
There is an obsession on this board with doing things exactly the way Steve does it. Please be a little more imaginative. Steve provides "guidelines", not unbreakable rules.

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I beleive this subject has been thoroughly addressed now. Thank you all for your thoughts, experiences, ideas and opinions. Happy Travels!!!

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Please check if your airline has weight limits on checked bags. We flew ryanair for the cheap flights from London to France. A great deal as long as your luggage fit their size and weight specifications. I think they had a 20 kg limit on checked bags. If you know ahead, you can make it work. If you don't know, you'll pay big at the ticket counter for overweight bags.