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Long layover in Amsterdam, any good cafes or sites around the airport?

I'm heading to Turkey for a month and have a fairly long layover in Amsterdam. I was told that the Amsterdam airport is easy to get in and out of so I thought I might do something, maybe hang out at a cafe. This is my first time out of the country so I'm not really sure what to do or how to start, and I'm a University student so I'm on a budget. Any suggestions on good places to eat at or see around the airport?

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How long is your layover?

For a flight to Turkey, you need to back in the airport at least three hours before departure. Remember you need to check in & check luggage (if not a code share airline), get through security and get out to the gate (a LONG walk in Schipol). And if you leave the airport, you will have to go through customs & immigration.

The airport itself is not bad - a big internet lounge, a branch of the Riijksmuseum (sp?), shops and even a hotel where you get rooms for a few hours and/or take a shower. (see top right to switch to English site).

Have fun!

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Well I'm now realizing not long enough I guess. It is a six hour layover. I'm guessing now that isn't enough time to go outside the airport for a bit. Thanks for your help!