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London Westminster Walk

I have the RS London 2007 book. All of the walks give a time length, except this one. How long should we plan for this? Also, RS recommends the Westminster Arms Pub or the Lord Moon of the Mall Pub, are either of these a good value for 4 people to have a quick lunch, with kids (12 and 16)? Alternatively, would we be better off going to the Cafe in the Crypt at St. Martin in the Fields?

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For those of us who don't have the book, could you describe the walk, and perhaps we could give you an estimate?

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Essentially this goes from the houses of Parliament up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square. It stops at various monuments and sights along the way.

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Not sure about the Westminister walk, but I was in London in March of 2008...virtually spent one day in Westminister Cathederal and enjoyed it thoroughly. 3,300 known burried there and I think I saw most of their graves. Wish I had gotten one of the hand held tour guides, but did not. However, the tour books which I purchased and read afterwards filled in the all means see the museum, and wander amoung the memorials. St. Margaret's church, adjacent to Westminister, was outstanding (and free!) Westminister had an admission price, but well worth it.

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You'll get a better meal for less money at St. Martins Crypt. We were very disappointed in the quality of food at WEstminster Arms Pub, although the ambience was great. But the food not worth it. Plus, you've got a lot more space at St. Martins.

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I would say this walk will take you at least 1 hour to 90 minutes, depending on how long you stop at the sights -- like the person above said, you can spend a lot of time in Westminster Abbey.

It's not a long walk.

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I don't recall how long the walk took us, but I would also highly recommend the Cafe in the Crypt -- it was the best lunch we had in London, particularly at the price.

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I also like the Cafe in the Crypt and if memory serves its actually a cafeteria and there is also a gift shop. The length of time for Westminster Walk depends on the number of stops along the way. The distance covered is not a great deal. Still undecided about where to eat, go to for more information. I like the Sherlock Holmes, just off Trafalgar Sq. We met some people there from Norway, who said their guide book recommended it for having the best Fish & Chips in London. Don't know if they're the best but they're quite good.

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Not to pile on, but I also vote for the crypt - great food in a seriously cool and slightly morbid atmosphere. A fun thing I did there that your kids might enjoy was a brass rubbing (see HERE). They have a wide variety of reproduction brass. The price varies by size of the rubbing selected (I seem to remember spending about 9 pounds). Just remind your kids to go slow or else they'll rip the paper. I did one of Anne Boleyn (she still has her head in the rubbing, ha!). I think of London every time I walk by her (she's in my dining room, watching over, which in itself might be a bit morbid now that I think about it).