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London weather

Hey folks.

I live in San Diego CA and will be moving to London for a few months. How cold/rainy does it get there? San Diego only has 2 seasons: Summer and Not Summer. So im curious as to how cold it gets there during November and December.


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Bundle up. London is colder and wetter than San Diego (although I once saw it snow inside the city limits there). Winter is chilly, 30's and 40's, and windy. London is not really deluged in rain or fog, but there's certainly a whole lot more than in San Diego. Having rain on any given day is probably a 50-50 shot. Snow happens, on occasion. The most consistent thing about the weather is it's inconsistency.

It's nowhere near as sunny as southern California. It's as far north as Newfoundland. In Nov and Dec, it will be dark by 5pm or so.

Heed the proverbial advice to dress in layers in the winter. It might be 35 degrees, raining, with a 20-mph wind outside while the building you're in is toasty warm. Or, not. The Tube can be roasting or frigid.

BTW, Christmas in London can be great.

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I live in Charlotte, NC and have found London winter weather to be just a bit damper than ours, but in similar temp ranges. The advice to dress in layers is the best. I always have at least 3 or 4 layers- long sleeve T-shirt or turtle neck (cotton blend, "big shirt", and either a lined windbreaker or winter coat. Sometimes I also wear a short sleeve T over the long sleeve one. Gloves and a hat and/or scarf are musts! Rain and snow showers are possibilities, but not usually extreme, so an umblrella should always be in your day bag. We go twice a year (for 20+ years now)-- July and Dec. Some Decembers I have not needed more than my windbreaker and others I was glad of my heavier coat.

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It can get cold but not too cold as compared to places like the American Midwest.. It can, however, rain like crazy in the UK at ANY time.

Here are the Monthly Averages (in F):

Nov: 37 low-50 high. Avg Precip.: 3 in.
Dec: 34 low-45 high. Avg.Precip.: 3.1 in.

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Hi Robin,
I live up the coast from you in The OC and I can tell you that May and March is COLD in London! I thought going in May should be somewhat warmer... boy its cold!

Lucky I took layers with me, so I kept warm. Plus with you walking a lot (versus driving in So Cal) you will keep warm.

Have a great time. The city is FANTASTIC!

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Cold, wet...have you ever been to Washington state in October-March? It's about like that. Gray, cold, soggy...not outdoor weather. Get a GOOD waterproof coat and good shoes. Good luck to you!