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London Travelcards

I have a few questions that I just can't seem to find the answers to: When I buy my paper travelcard at the rail station, (I want the days out discounts), is this ticket valid for 24 hours or just until the end of the day? Also can I use it any time on a weekday or only after 9:30? Day 2 when I buy a 1 day travel card from the machine at the underground station- how long is the ticket good for? Also do the machines accept US credit cards, cash, or only coins?
Thanks in advance!

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Travelcards, whether bought at a National Rail station or a Tube station, are good for the calendar day(s) covered, not for 24-hour periods. One-day, zone 1-2 anytime travelcards cost £8.00. Off-peak (after 09:30 on weekdays and anytime on weekends) travelcards cost £6.60. The ticket machines accept US credit cards. An Oyster card may serve you better than a one-day travelcard bought at a Tube station.

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Thank you. A follow up question about the Oyster. I have read you can get the 3 pound deposit back if you turn your card back in. Is it also possible to get a refund for any monies I put on the card and did not use? I just don't want to misjudge and loose money as I will not be in London for years again.

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Yes, Amy. But I'm fairly sure the deposit has gone from £3 to £5. You can also get a one week paper travelcard from a rail station. If you are thinking about the one day from other than a rail station I also strongly advise the Oyster card. It will cap, you can go to any zone (for the right price) and they are easy. If you have a day you don't reach the cap you have definitely save money. Happy planning