London to Weybridge

We will be in London early-to- mid September and want to revisit Weybridge (SW of Heathrow) and the Brooklands Museum. Any help on which train to take, which station and where does the train stop in Weybridge? Is the Weybridge station close to the Brooklands complex or is a taxi needed? Thanks, Paul

Posted by Joel
Tempe, AZ, USA
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Paul - According to the Brooklands Museum website, "The nearest railway station is Weybridge (less than a mile away) which is on the Woking to Waterloo and Staines to Weybridge lines". Also looking at Google Maps there appears to be a bus you take from the Weybridge train station. Or if you perfer to strech you legs, it looks to be between .75 - 1 mile walk from the train station. Train fare will run about £13.90 for a same day return.

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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The Brooklands museum is twenty to thirty minutes' walk from the station. You need to turn right out of the station and then the turning is signposted. There is a scheduled bus service and there's also a courtesy bus to the Mercedes World, which is at the edge of the museum complex.

Posted by Paul
New Berlin, WI, USA
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Thaks to all. Sounds like the courtesy shuttle to the museum is the way to go. Paul