London to Scotland

Has anyone had experience with flying into London and taking the train to Scotland? Is it cheaper to fly?

Posted by Toni
Charlotte, NC, USA
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We have done this once. Flew feom London to Inverness. No problems. Arre you headimg to any particular city in Scotland? Mostly we stay in London a night or more then head up by train- via York then next day to Edinburgh.

Posted by Bob
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Its normally cheaper to fly, but it all depends on which airport you are flying into and where in Scotland you want to go. It can cost significant money transferring between London's airport to get to the cheapest low cost carriers. If you have lots of luggage on people like Ryanair the baggage charges (allowance 15kg) can be more than the fare.

Rail is very expensive, unless you can get advance purchase tickets.
Cheapest of all is bus.
There are just too many variables, given the information provided.

You might find it cheaper to fly direct into Glasgow or Edinburgh or via Dublin.

Posted by Pamela
New York City, NY, USA
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This past summer I did both in one trip. ; ) I was headed from Wisconsin to Inverness. By the time I looked at the cost and the timing it made sense to take the train from London to Inverness. I snuck in a visit to the British Library while waiting for the train from King's Cross. I had free wireless all the way north! Coming home, I was leaving from Glasgow or Edinburgh and it was definitely cheaper to catch a flight in Glasgow. I like Glasgow's airport. Now, if I just figure out a way to avoid Heathrow all together I would be very happy. Please, Please American Airlines, bring back the ORD to GLA flight......Pam

Posted by Joel
Tempe, AZ, USA
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Bill - This past summer our family used the rail system in England and Scotland. It was cheaper for us to use the train rather than fly. We used Nation Express Rail( to book our tickets. If you know your dates and can book far enough in advance the savings are great.