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london to salisbury

i'm trying to get from london to salisbury, but the train tickets are 25 pounds each! however, i could buy a ticket from london to bath that stops in salisbury for just 9 pounds. could i buy this and just not get back on the train in salisbury?

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Hi Kate - please double check your route.

Trains to Salisbury usually leave from Waterloo Station in London.

Trains to Bath usually leave from Paddington Station and don't go via Salisbury.

You may well be correct abd I could be very wrong ( the British Rail Timetable once one the Booker prize for outstanding fiction ). I'm just a little concerned - it isn't normal for trains to Bath to stop at Salisbury.

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There is a route from London Waterloo to Bath via Salisbury. The trains are slower, so the fares are cheaper. You usually have to change trains at Salisbury. To find these trains, you need to stipulate that you want to travel via Salisbury. The website will otherwise route you via the quickest route, which could be Waterloo to Bath via Reading.

However, your question was about buying the cheaper Bath ticket and then leaving the train at Salisbury. One of the conditions of the cheap ticket is that no break of journey is allowed. It is quite possible that you will not be allowed to leave Salisbury station, and will have to pay a penalty fare. This is not the same thing as buying a return ticket and only travelling one way.

This may make no sense to you, but it is all part of the way rail travel is promoted and organised. It can be the same with flights. You can take a chance if you want to, but it would be hard to play the innocent abroad.

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Kate, if you want a cost effective method for travel from London to Salisbury, you might consider going by Coach (Bus). Check for further details. The only disadvantage is that the trip will take a bit longer.

I haven't checked, but I suspect the Bus will depart from the Victoria Station Coach Depot, which is easily reachable via Tube from all parts of London.

Happy travels!!!