London to Edinburgh

Looking for info. for train travel between London and Edinbugh in July

Posted by Tod
San Diego, CA, USA
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What information are you looking for? The website to get tickets is here: It looks like there are about 4 an hour and it's about 4.5 to get there and the trains leave from Kings Cross. The time of day can have a huge effect on the price so if you can buy an Advance ticket you can save some money - but those tickets are good for that train only so don't miss it. If you book on-line take the credit card you book with to retrieve it from the automated ticket machines. Hope that helps,

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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King's Cross to Edinburgh trains are operated by East Coast trains. Discount fare tickets go on sale about 12 weeks in advance. Book on the East Coast site and print your own tickets. Discount fare tickets will only be good for a specific departure date and time so be sure you can commit before booking.

Posted by Edgar
Medford, OR, USA
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Above advice re the National Rail website and the east coast route is correct. I tried booking the advance purchase discount tickets but could not get my credit card accepted even after calling the credit card company. More recently (last fall) I experienced similar credit card acceptance problems buying tickets to an Italian Nordic Ski race event. The card acceptance was resolved with the Capital One agent staying on the line while I executed the on-line transaction.

Posted by Barbara
Toledo, OH
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Hmm...I just posted the exact same problem. Maybe I'll have to get Rick's staff to help with that. I guess the Brits don't like our credit cards!

Posted by Barbara
Toledo, OH
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FYI: I did call the RS staff about the credit card problem, and the young gentleman who answered told me to try again, this time ignoring the "start date" box. The other issue was that the web site kept treating my Visa card like an Am Ex card. When I used my Am Ex, it went through immediately. Don't know why they prefer American Express cards to British Airways Visas, but maybe it was something I was doing wrong. I'm just glad to have the tickets booked and printed out and ready to go!

Posted by Ruth
Ithaca, NY, USA
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Once you are in London, it wouldn't hurt to stop in any train station and get reserved seats. It doesn't cost anything, and if the train is crowded, you'll be very happy to have them...