London to Bath Day Trip

We will have 1 free day (Saturday) in London in August and would like to travel to Bath by train from Paddington. Please advise how we can see the Roman Baths and any other suggested site. Do we need a guided tour? Can we walk there from the train station? What other sites close by would you recommend visiting? Where is a good place for lunch? I am so excited . . . . .

Posted by Rose
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If you can get to Bath by 10:30 AM (including the short walk from the train station to the Pump Room), the 2-hour FREE 'Mayor of Bath Honorary Guides' Walking Tour is excellent. Just meet by the sign in front of the Pump Room in the square behind the Abbey. It will give you a fabulous introduction to the city's history and architecture. Includes walking to the elegant Circus and the Royal Crescent. You will have time to go into the Pump Room and the Abbey afterward, and the rest of the day to explore this beautiful city after getting the overview during the tour.

Posted by Tod
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It should be easy to get to Bath from Paddington in time for the Mayor's tour which I second in recommending. Allow at least a couple hours for the Roman Baths tour = it's a great museum and exhibit and much bigger than it looks from the outside. The Abbey is worth touring and I really enjoyed the tour and climb to the roof although your mileage may vary. There is also the fashion museum but unless that's your thing I would let hat slide with only one day. You can get the best fares by booking your train in advance but if you book "advance" tickets they're only good for that specific train so don't miss it. The Bath train station you're looking for is "Bath Spa". Enjoy,

Posted by Marco
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There is the Herschel Museum of Astronomy in Bath, situated in the house where William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus. As well as the astronomy-related exhibits, there is also a recreation of a Georgian town-house garden.

Posted by pat
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Jan I visited Bath for the first time by myself about 10 years ago, and I had never been to the Uk or anything.. I bought my ticket well in advance. Once I got to Bath everything was easy peasy, its easy to walk around, I found my way to the Baths super easy and I enjoyed spending a few hours there , plus of course visiting the church and I also visited the Bath Costume Museum .
I have since been twice more, there is a lot to see really, have fun ..

Posted by Toni
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One of my favorite things to do in Bath is a river cruise. You get to see the town from a different point of view and get to see a bit of the country side. The 'captain' narrates and shares some really interesting bits.

Posted by Jan
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Thank you all for your very helpful information.