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London/Sweden/Oslo Itinerary

Hi All,

We are planning a 10-11 day (including arrival and departure days) trip to Europe. I had put together a rough itinerary for the trip as follows:

Nights 1-4 in London. Arriving on an early 7am flight from New York. I'm hoping that we will see some of the main sites and perhaps have time for a day trip to Bath or Greenwich.

Day 5 take early morning direct flight to Stockholm. The flight is about 2 hours and I believe it would take less than an hour to reach Stockholm from the airport as we will be flying with carry-on luggage only. This would give us 1 1/2 days to see some of the major sites in Stockholm.

Day 7 take early morning direct flight from Stockholm to Oslo. The flight is 1 hour. We'd have another day and 1/2 to see some of the sites.

Day 9 We'd board the train for Norway in a Nutshell and spend the night in Bergen.

Day 10 sightsee in Bergen

I'm wondering if this itinerary is too ambitious and if I should change things around.

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welcome and congrats on your short trip.

as long as you know youre short changing most of the places youre going, i dont see anything wrong with it. Since your trip is so short i would at least make a list of "must do/see" so youre not kicking yourself when youre leaving.

  1. in london, leaving for your day trip will short change London even more so, but again, if youre aware of that go for it.
  2. here again, i think youre short changing Stockholm. I was there for 3 full days and i could have spent more time and that wasnt with any side trips either. by the way (BTW) the Arlanda Express is one sweet train ride. Its a little more $$$ but you just kick back and relax and its only about 20 minutes between STO and Stockholm. just Remember to buy your ticket upstairs in main terminal since the vending machines in the basement wont take our CC cards at least it wouldnt take mine. Swedish Krones are good to go tho. also, depending on the time of day, the train interval was about 15 ~20 minutes. The Elevator near the AE ticket desk is faster than then escalators, but the escalators gives you an idea on how deep the station is.

  3. Oslo you could probably do in the time you have, but again, it would depend on what.

happy trails and have fun.

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This itinerary is too fast for me, but if you have your heart set on seeing all these places and don't mind just getting a taste of each place, it might work for you. There is so much to do in London, I don't think it makes any sense to do a day trip, but if you find a day trip is more appealing than what you will miss in London, then again, it might work for you.

You don't say how you are getting back home, and I can't see where you are from, but if your part of departure is the U.S. or Canada, I would suggest flying from Stockholm to Bergen and doing the Norway in a Nutshell to Oslo. You will find a better choice of flights back to the U.S. from Oslo than from Bergen. I'm not sure if you can even get a flight from Bergen to the U.S.

Whatever you decide, I hope you have a fun trip.

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Personally, I'd drop at least 1 destination. On your proposed schedule you'll be spending a great deal of time (and a good bit of money) just changing locations. Even with packing light, you'll spend 1/2 to 3/4 of a day transitioning and settling in. With 10-11 days (including flight days?)you time could be well divided between London and Oslo (we've done this before and it was good- but we'd already spent major time in both cities on previous trips). I'd suggest either London and Oslo OR London and Stockholm. Spend 5-6 days in London and 4-5 in the other city. This would allow for at least 1 day trip from each (Greenwich and be done as a short 'excursion' from London- and doesn't have to take all day- same with Windsor). If you select Oslo, you could cut London to 4-5 days and add the Norway in a Nutshell trip. Even spending the whole time in London and doing several day trips might be an option you'd want to consider. I really think you would enjoy the trip a great deal more with a more relaxed schedule.

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Your "day and 1/2" to see Oslo and Stockholm will probably end up closer to 1.25 days or less. Even if the flight is relatively short, the process of getting from the airport, checking in, arrival, getting from the airport to the city, orienting yourself, checking in and unpacking usually takes a lot more time than you may think. I only spent a few hours in Stockholm, but little more than a day wouldn't be enough in Oslo for me. At least, Oslo and Stochkholm have very fast connections between their downtowns and airports.

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Just a note on your London to Stockholm flight...i've flown this route a number of times.

The flight is closer to 2.5 hours and remember that you lose an hour due to the time zone change.

You can get from Arlanda into Stockholm in under an hour; however, if you are flying into Skavsta (ryanair), it will be closer to 2 hours.