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London, Scotland, Dublin weather

Hi, could someone tell me what kind of weather to expect in London during the month of August? I assume it's similar to here (Seattle area) in that it could fluctuate from hot (mid-upper 80s) to cool (60ish) and rainy from one day to the next, but would really love some input from someone who knows better than I.

Also, I will be in Edinburgh, Inverness, and Dublin in the first two weeks of September and am wondering what I might expect there.


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I was in london in july of one year for three days and no rain; as they were having 90+degree temps. Flew back to Ireland and temps ranged from cool 60's and layers were best. I have never been to Edingurgh or Iverness, but I think they would be similar to Ireland.

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If you're going to be in Scotland during the first 2 weeks of September, are you planning on going to the Braemar Gathering? It is on Sept. 6 (always the first Saturday of Sept.) and info can be found here:

As far as weather - be prepared for nice weather and be ready for colder and or rainy weather. We were in Scotland during August/Sept. and it was nice on some days and we had other days where it rained sideways. Take your goretex raincoat (don't forget pants) and waterproof shoes.
Enjoy your trip!

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Bonne, thanks for the link; I hadn't been planning on going because I didn't know until a couple days ago that it would be going on while I was there! However, Sep 6 also just happens to be the day that we were to be moving from Edinburgh to Inverness and Braemar is so conveniently on the way(ish)! Do you know if it is worth it to pre-book seats, or if viewing from "the field" is good enough?

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Ayla -
If you can get seats in the uncovered grandstand (section B) close to the Main Gate entrance (closest to the aisle as possible) is a prime viewing opportunity to see HM The Queen as she drives in. I sat in the second seat from the end overlooking where she would be coming in. We went in 2002 during the Jubilee/tribute to the Queen Mother sitting in Section B. We'd emailed the ticket sales asking which were the best seats were. If you're in B - you can see HM as she pulls in (from the main gate), circle to the Royal Pavillion and as they leave, you can get some good views of the Duke of Edinburgh. Set your camera to the fastest way of taking pictures (sport setting) and just fire away!
By getting advanced tickets, you're guaranteed a seat. You can also check with the ticket office - they may know what time to expect HM - they may or may not be able to tell you, but its worth a shot.
Good luck!
Here's a seating chart: