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Ok, so you all helped me with food choices for my 3 night London stay, now I'm hoping maybe you have some good pubs you can recommend. We will probably eat near St. Pauls Cathedral, the British Museum and also in the area of Parliment/Westminster Abby. My 88 year old dad won't be interested in searching all over town to find a certain pub, but if one is near were we are site seeing, I like to try one that you recommend. Any ideas?

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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Another option for St Pauls is the Founders Arms pub. From the southern side of the Cathedral walk down the path to the river bank and cross over the Millenium Footbridge, turning right once you've crossed. It's a modern building on the river bank but the food's pretty good and there are great views of the buildings on the other side of the river.

Posted by Alan
Brighton, UK
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Yes, the Founders is also nice, and serves Youngs. My favourite beer. Alan

Posted by Ed
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Best Pub: The closest once with unlocked doors.

Posted by Micky
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Near the British Museum and Covent Garden: the Princess Louise. The food is only meh, but it has Sam Smith beers (really good) at unusually decent prices. More importantly if you like pubs, the ground floor has been lovingly restored to proper Victorian glory, and it is GORGEOUS. ( Here's someone's photo from Flickr showing it fairly empty -- I've only been in it when it was wall to wall with the after-work crowd.)

Posted by Rose
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The Princess Louise is a great suggestion. Just around the corner from the Holborn Tube, or about 10 minutes' walk from Covent Garden. More photos and many interesting comments The gist: go early, try to get an empty 'snug', use the men's loo at your peril (quick peek to see the marble interior but with nose plugged).

Posted by Jim
Crystal Lake, IL, United States
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I like "Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese" (1/3 of a mile from St. Paul's on Fleet Street. And the "Sherlock Holmes Pub" was good (It's about 1/2 mile from Westminster Abbey, but very close to Trafalgar Square... Good luck, Jim

Posted by Claudia
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I like The Lord Raglan. Past St Pauls' in route to the Museum of London (which is a great museum and you should visit). By Parlimentsimply walk up Whitehall heading toward the Horse Guards and number 10 Downing. You'll find the pub we've traditionally have our first pint at for over a decade. The Red Lion. Always fun because of the crowd which often contains, Parliment members, barristers, government workers, etc. OR from the front of Westminster Abby cross the street and walk over to Westminster Hall. Take a left on Tothil street and follow it one long block to Dartmouth and turn right. Near the end of this block on the right where Queen Anne's Gate dead ends is the Two Chairmen Public House. Can look both pubs up on beerintheevening and fancyapint websites for more reviews. If I'm in this area of London these are the two spots I enjoy. Slainte.

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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"Ye Old Cheshire Cheese" is definitely worth a visit. It's well known and a little touristy, but it's also historic and old and fun to check out. Dinners are a bit pricer there than a typical pub, though. Just a block or two away is the "Old Bell Tavern" with a fantastic looking and affordable menu (we didn't eat there, though) and much more of a local vibe. In Covent Garden the Lamb and Flag is a very welcoming pub with a great ion of beer on tap. I don't remember seeing food, though. There may have been a dining area upstairs? Dirty Dick's is another sort of tourist pub that's also really entertaining. In "The City", The Counting House is a beautiful old bank pub with good pies. Ditto for The Drawn and Quartered not far from the Tower of London. My absolute favorite pub for history, ambiance, and cheap pub grub is Ye Olde Mitre. I would say it's a must. It's not TOO far from St. Pauls, although you'd still probably want to take the tube a stop or two to the nearest stop. It's a little tricky to find (hidden in an alley that opens up into an ancient courtyard). But utterly fantastic.

Posted by Adam
Fresno, CA, United States
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The "Hung, Drawn, and Quartered" near the Tower of London had great food and fullers beer