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London Pass and and Rooms in or around London

Can anyone tell me if the London Pass is a good deal or not? I was thinking of the 6 day with travel option. Rick Steves seems to think it is not. Other opinons appreciated. Also recommendations for cheap rooms in someones house or B&B near London. Feel free to respond to me personally at Thanks Al

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Have never used the London Pass in over 12 visits to London. 2 for 1 travel cards yes. Try the airbnb or couch surfing websites for rooms. Not knowing your budget hard to give specifics.

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Few people find the London Pass a viable option. Unless you are willing to rush through several sites a day, it just isn't a bargin. You won't find many "real" b&bs in London and you really want to stay IN London. In fact, you'll want to be inside the Circle Line of the Tube (that's roughly zones 1 and 2) to cut down on travel time and costs. There's lots of good recommendations for less expensive housing on this board. I'd suggest you check out the London School of Economics. They rent spare dorm rooms and apartments to tourists. They have several locations in central London - all near the tube and/or bus stops. You get ensuite, a kitchenett or kitchen on the hall priviledges, and access to student facitilites like the 'lounge' (read game and TV room), and laundry. Here's their website.
I'd aslo suggest you remove your email. This is a public forum and posting it here is not the safest thing to do. You can private message people, and they can private message you, then if you want to share emails, you are only giving it to one person.

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If you do decide to go for the pass be aware that there is a cash limit to the pass, see below from their site. A recent poster on the Tripadvisor London Forum, not aware of the rule, exhausted the cash limit on their one day pass before they had finished for the day. Also all the national museums are free to enter. "The London Pass is subject to a purse value of maximum gate prices related to the number of days. For example, with a one day adult pass you can visit up to £80 worth of attractions. Here is a complete breakdown of purse values: Purse Value" 1 Day Pass £80 2 Day Pass £160
3 Day Pass £240 6 Day Pass £480 " As has been said already, the travel pass very poor value so buy a 1-2 Zone travel card. If you need to travel outside those Zones eg to Hampton Court or Windsor you can buy add-on fare as and when. Here is the info on the 2 for 1 ticket etc offers. Read the FAQs to help understand how it works. And check the site nearer the date because attractions come and go depending on the season.

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I agree with the previous two posts. I also strongly suggest that you edit your post and remove your email address and use the private post facility here.