London Pass

3-day London Passes are on sale until tomorrow and then the regular price goes up on Feb. 1. I'm trying to decide if I should buy a the 3-day pass while it's on sale. I'll be flying into London in June for three days and then taking the train somewhere outside of London and picking up a rental car for the rest of my trip throughout England and Scotland. I've been reading everybody's opinion about the differences between London Pass and the 2 for 1 deals. We are interested in seeing Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral to name just a few. From everything I can see, it,seems to be worth getting the London Pass with travel as we are flying into London, not taking a train until the day we leave London. And we would be able to use the travel portion of the Pass while in London. Would appreciate thoughts so I can get the pass while on sale by January 28th. Thanks.

Posted by Thomas
Hermosa Beach, CA, USA
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If you're interested in seeing as much as you can, I'd go for the Pass with Travel. If you land at Heathrow, you can take the Tube all the way into London with the Travelcard on the Piccadilly Line. We did it the last time we were in London and it worked great. My wife and I each had a carry-on and a rolling suitcase. Plan your days in advance to get the most out of the Pass. Many of the museums are free so factor that into your decision, too.

Posted by Gerard
Temora, NSW, Australia
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Thanks for the "heads up" on the 10% discount, we were going to get these anyway, though we elected not to add the transport . regards

Posted by Leslie
Orange, USA
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You will save money with the London Pass if you see all 5 of the attractions you listed, but you will be hard pressed to do all 5 in 3 days, especially if you're counting the day you arrive. Dropping even the least expensive means you'll just break even with the sale London Pass. Still, it might be worth it in June for the line skipping privileges. Be aware that both Hampton Court and Windsor Castle require a train trip out of London; you can't get there on the Tube, so that means it will take more time to visit those places.