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LOndon live theater

IS it better to wait until we get to London in mid September to buy tickets to Wicked or buy online in advance?

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If your trip would be "ruined" without seeing Wicked, I suggest you buy in advance. I suspect that there will be tickets available when you get there. I have always bought same day tickets but then I never had my heart set on a specific performance.

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I also always get same-day tickets from the TKTS booth in Leicester Square. There's such incredible variety of theatre choices always available in London that if I can't get my first choice, there's bound to be something else I'll be happy to see. TKTS (link below) has 'Wicked' tickets on offer today, and I see that the 'theatre price' snd TKTS price are identical, which probably means 'Wicked' is still so extremely popular that tickets are not discounted. That could change before your trip. Below is a good site for ordering West End advance tickets.

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If you definitely want to see Wicked, I'd suggest buying your tickets in advance. Wicked isn't typically available at a discount at the TKTS booth. If you book in advance, you will have a better choice of seats. I recommend using to find out where to buy tickets and get information on seating. It is an independent site which has seating charts, opinions on different seats, and lists of agents selling tickets along with their fees. I usually buy from the Official Box Office as they typically have the lowest fees.

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Hi Heidi,
When buying your theatre tickets, get seats in the stall, they are the best seats. Enjoy!!

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We had our hearts set on Wicked (from Kansas!) last spring so we bought them online well in advance. We used theater monkey and were able to choose our seats with plenty still available. We opted for 4th row a bit left of center, not the priciest but still expensive. Long after the money was spent we still marvel about being close enough to make eye contact with the leading characters, a frequent occurrence. If you are going all that distance to see Wicked, you might just as well get the best seats and exchange smiles with the actors. Your personal enjoyment will be enhanced beyond belief.

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I took George's advice and went through Theater Monkey and got great seats. They had a package deal where they included a free London bus tour. We were going to book one anyway. The seats were pricey, but in Seattle live theater is not cheap anyway so it didn't really seem that bad. Looking forward to it. Thanks everyone!

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Heidi, you did well using Theatremonkey and you won't regret it. I've used the advice from this website on previous trips - including a memorable experience in a seat in the "Ork zone" for the Lord of the Rings production! :-)