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London hotels with child? 4 persons in a 3 person room? Online reservations


We are trying to make reservations for next week for London area and not finding much available online(using the suggested places on these boards), except for places that have max 3 persons, and/or don't allow children(e.g. a youth hostel). . so the following questions:

  1. Are some hotels at all negotiable if calling on the phone regarding adding a bed for a child??
  2. Rick says in the book to try online sources like priceline, etc; in this situation, is that still preferable, or would it be better to try the phone calls?
  3. Do some places have availability other than what they say online??
  4. What are some university housing options?? I'm having trouble finding universities that offer rooms, even not sure if I have the right website for housing for University College. . are there others??

Thanks so much for any help and information,


Pam Gosling
Bay Point, CA USA

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Have you tried They have family rooms that sleep 3 adults and 1 child. there are several throughout the London area.

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You might also try Premier Travel Inn. I got a room for 2 adults and 2 kids at County Hall Premier. Ended up staying there with my wife and I, 20 year old daughter her 20 year old girlfriend and our 16 year old son (so 5 in all) and although cramped, it worked OK. Of course we didnt announce the arrangement to the hotel (it was a last minute change of plans that made it necessary) but it is remote chance they will find out. They had 2 small mattresses on floor for kids, but were comfy and room was spacious. The County Hall is hard to get a room on short notice, but if you get one near a tube stop (Pancreas?) you might be OK. And Travelodge is not as bad as people say, at least the one I stayed in in York. Good luck

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Premier Travel Inn County Hall also do not list all of their available rooms on their website. I know this from personal experience. The previous poster is correct, they would probably never find out that you have more than the alotted amount of people in your room. County Hall is an excellent location with Westminster Tube Stop just across the Thames and EuroStar Chunnel at your back door.

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The Thistle hotel ( have a Family Unit, and there's locations all over the UK

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Email works best for me. Just send the hotel a quick email explaining the number of people and their ages. They will be able to tell you what rooms will work and the price. Most hotels will give you a cot for free or 5 Euros BUT the room needs to be large enough, so you probably cannot book the cheapest rate.

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Thanks all for the ideas: Travelodge was totally booked and the Thistle website was down or something but did finally find something at a new St Christopher's Inn at Hammersmith, had to pay for 2 extra beds since they don't allow underage children in the dorms but still not too bad a price I guess, 110 # per night for 6 beds, just south of Thames River, just imagine how good a rate if no children!!

Thanks, Pam

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I would strongly recommend staying away from Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" option. That gets you a double room. I can't remember which message board I read it on, but I read a post from a man who pricelined a hotel in Paris and just showed up with his two kids. The hotel's "upcharge" for the two kids was HIGHER then his bid in the first place....