London Hotels near Hyde Park

I am planning to go to Europe for the first time this summer. I'm looking for a hotel in London near Hyde park that is affordable and near a tub station. I wanted to stay at the London Elizabeth hotel but its booked up for the dates I need. Was looking for some new locations that are similar. Thanks in advance for the help!

Posted by gone
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hi, did you try using along with other hotel search engines? happy trails.

Posted by Erin
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Thanks so much or the help so far! I won't be traveling alone I have a friend abroad in Greece and we are meeting in London to start a 3 week trip around. Will be the first time for both of us in London.

Posted by gone
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hi again, i ask if youre traveling solo, because there are some inxpensive hotels that have rooms like dorm rooms. Noting "near" hyde park so to speak, but in my opinion and my feets opinion within walking distance. but i think most people are turned off by such small accomodations. happy trails.

Posted by Sasha
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Try Number Sixtythree. It is practically across the street from Hyde Park. Run by the Soroptimists but you do not have to be a member. Very reasonably priced.

Posted by Swan
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I'll be staying at Number 63 soon. Unfortunately, the elevator is being replaced and won't be available until sometime in May. The location is walking distance from Paddington and 1/2 block from Lancaster Gate Station. It is next door to the Swan pub.

Posted by Sarah
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I can recommend Vancouver Studios. I stayed in a room with a kitchenette (fridge, cooktop, microwave, and dishes) and bought food from a grocery store to save money. The hotel is near Kensington Gardens (the western end of Hyde Park) and 2 Tube stops. I paid 75 pounds a night for a single room.

Posted by Jim Morris
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My wife and I just got back from London and our 5th stay at Vancouver Studios. We wouldn't dream of staying anywhere else.

Posted by david
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I don't know how close you need to be to Hyde Park or if there is a particular part of the park to which you wish to be close. I also don't know the affordability of the Elizabeth. We have stayed a number of times at the Rembrandt Hotel, across from the entrance to the Victoria and Albert museum. It is about a 5-10 minute walk to the south edge of the park, just east of the Royal Albert Hall. Wonderful hotel and it appears that the rates are similar to the Elizabeth. They have a wonderful breakfast buffet; check to see that it is included. If you have not yet made air reservations, you can save by flying with British Airways and making the hotel reservation at the same time. Done this way, breakfast is included.

Posted by Erin
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Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I think I found one I really like. Thanks again!