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London Heathrow Airport- what to do?

We have a 4 hr layover at the airport in September. What can we safely go do/see that can be done with enough time to safely be back to our waiting area for our flight? also good handcrafted food (no msg or chems) THANK YOU :)

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4 hours is not a layover in my lexicon. It is just a comfortable amount of time to make your connection. If you want "hand-crafted" food in an airport I suggest you bring it with you from home.

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If you want to have something to eat and don't want to spend outrageous prices for food, go to Boots (pharmacy chain). They have sandwiches, salads, drinks, etc. at "regular" prices.

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If you're in Terminal 5, you can shop at Gucci, Cartier, etc. with the Arab oil millionaires. Plenty to eat, but if you want handcrafted without msg or chems, bring it in.