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Hi! I am traveling to London from Boston on the 21st, and arriving at roughly 6:30 am. I am ultimately going to Glastonbury. I am wondering what the best option might be for my next step. Is it easy to get on the train and get out to Glastonbury? Or is there a better place to stop and crash for a while before making it out there (I know I'm going to be way tired!). My timetable is flexible. Thank you!! :)

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A local will probably pop in and give you the better information but I'll give you a public transportation possibility. Assuming you arrive at Heathrow, there is a bus to Bath (~3 hrs). Then you can take a bus to Wells (~1 hr) since I don't think there's a direct bus to Glastonbury from Bath. From Wells it another, but much shorter, bus ride to Glastonbury (<30 min). All of my times are fuzzy but you can get there from Heathrow. It just isn't too direct. I suspect you can do the whole trip, nap on the bus and be there before 5 pm.

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There is no station at Glastonbury. Your options are to take the train from London Paddington to Bath or Bristol and then get the bus to Glastonbury. This would require a change of bus at Wells, a much more attractive place than Glastonbury and well worth a visit. The third option is train from London Paddington and then get a taxi to Glastonbury. Mum's Taxi (; looks good, but I am sure there are others. You can check train and bus times at Traveline (;. You can buy train tickets at Book your train tickets in advance to get a better price.

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We fly from West Coast overnight to heathrow, arriving rougly 11am- a much longer flight than yours. We often go directly from there to Cotswolds, salisbury or other locations in the west by car. If you are taking a train or other public transport, you will not be too tired to go out to Bath or Wells the day you arrive (and probably still have time and energy enough to do a little walking sightseeing when you arrive. Its not that big a deal