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London, five nights, Paris five nights, cotswolds four nights.....

My daughter and I are going to London and then to Paris via the Eurostar. We will come back to London and visit Bath, Stratford and Cotswold areas before flying home. May 29 thru June 13th 2007. We need to know what area to stay in for the last leg of our trip and is it worth getting train passes if our plans include Cambridge,as a day trip. Bath or Statford to stay in the Cotswolds and back to London.

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My guess is that a railpass for the UK will end up saving you money in the end. With just a very quick look at some of Rick's rail pages, it looks like from London, Bath is ~75 each way (150 rt), Cambridge is ~30 each way (60 rt). Going to guess another ~30 each way (60 rt) to Stratford. That doesnt include the Cotswolds (guessing low, 75 each way, 150 rt). When you figure the Heathrow/Gatwick Express trains cost roughly 50 rt, and that you can save on Eurostar tickets because you hold a pass, a BritRail Flexipass that covers England may be your best bet. Airport transfer is covered by the pass.
Have a fabulous trip!

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I'd suggest staying in Stratford for the last leg of your trip. There are nice day trips you can do to see the Cotswolds. Stratford is a very nice town, good walking, beautiful gardens, even a butterfly preserve. It has some nice shopping and lots to do. We have visited several times and stayed a few. We will be returning this summer and plan to stay several nights in Straford.

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First, skip Stratford, it is absolutely worthless. If it wasn't Shakspeare's hometown, no one would go there. Bath is OK, but I didn't understand the fascination. Under all circumstances, DO NOT go to Stonehedge. It is in the middle of no where and a waste of half a day. Trust me, you'll thank me later. If you do go to this area, make sure you stop by Warwick Castle. In my opinion the best medieval castle in England.

However, I would highly recommend skipping this area of England and going North to Scotland for a few days. It's only a 3 hour train ride from London to Edinburgh.

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I’d recommend staying in Oxford for the last leg of your trip. On the one hand you’re getting the majesty of the greatest University in the world with all it’s centuries of heritage. You are a train ride away from Bath, you can take the bus to Stratford and really see the countryside on the way and you can take a sightseeing coach tour of the Cotswolds. After Oxford you may find Cambridge disappointing ( but I am biased on the subject ).

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Soak up all the information... but remember, everyone has a different idea of what is GREAT! I LOVE Bath! I wouldn't miss it, as a matter of fact, my first trip to England we ended up staying the night and skipping Warwick Castle because we loved it so much! I love here now, but am fromt he US. The Cotswolds are wonderful, our favorite town is Bourton-on-the-water...full fo tourists, but worth it. I would also choose Cambridge over Oxford. You would enjoy either. Have a great trip!!!

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Hi All,

Just a thankyou for all of you have wrote with suggestions for our teip to London, Paris and the Cotswolds. We did get the London Pass and Paris Pass and were very pleased to have the ease of travel around both cities.(tube and bus)as well as many of the attractions with almost no waiting in long lines. We stayed in some lovely and very reasonably B and B's and would do it again with no problem. The Startford upon Avon to Bath via tha Cotswolds was solved with a driver who was very reasonable and it was much more comfortable than the bus. No train goes directly to those cities. Can't wait for the next trip! Christine and Rachael

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From Moreton-in-Marsh in the Cotswalds, which can be reached by train from London, I have taken day-trips by coach (bus) to several Cotswald towns and Stratford. Unfortunately, it seems difficult to travel from Bath to Cotswald towns by train or bus. Check National Express for bus schedules. I think for four days, I would chose Bath or the Cotswalds/Stratford rather than both. Something you might consider would be to take a day-trip to Bath during the time you are in London at the start of your trip.