London First Time Visit

Opinions of the Soho area? Made reservations at Fielding Hotel. Is this area safe at night for a single woman. Good eats in this area?

Posted by gone
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hi, i dont know, since i stayed in near Victoria Station. afa food, i tried to use RS recommendations, but my stomach was still on PDT, so i nibbled my way thru London (pasties, falafels, indian,..., . i didnt starve either and more or less let my nose and eyes do the choosing. but youre going to have a blast! happy trails.

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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Soho is fine, but your hotel is actually in the Covent Garden area. I'd be very comfortable staying in that area.

Posted by Teresa
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We found tasty Mexican food at Cantina Laredo in Upper St. Martin's Lane. Service was very attentive and helpful, until we wanted our bill. So if you've got theatre tickets for after dinner, you may want to ask for the bill right away.

Posted by Laurie Beth
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I can't remember the name, but Rick Steves' recommends a vegetarian restaurant in his book in the Convent Garden area. It was my best meal during my last visit.

Posted by orv
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SOHO seems perfectly safe to me, Stayed at the Z Hotel in SOHO last July, and the area is great. Lots of people, shops, theaters restaurants etc. For a great cheap lunch, be sure to check out Cafe in the Crypt adjacent to Trafalgar Square.
I have eaten there twice in the last 4 years, and it is always excellent. Cool surroundings too.

Posted by Tom
Suffolk, UK; formerly St. Louis, MO, USA
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You'll be fine in Soho. Your hotel is more in the Covent Garden area, which is safe. Pizza Express is decent for thin crust Italian-style pizza. All Bar One is good for wine and and light eats. Both are local chains. In many cases, pubs in the area will serve food. The Lowlander Grand Cafe has great Belgian beers and good eats. EDIT: I should add - the Lowlander is in the area of your hotel (Long Acre and Drury Lane, approximately.

Posted by Kira
Seattle, WA, USA
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I second the nod to Pizza Express. I've been to London many times and never tried it... really good pizza! And this from an ex-New Yorker! And yes, the area is safe for a single woman. :-)

Posted by LaRae
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Thanks for the info. Looking forward to trying Pizza Express.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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If you are going to Pizza Express check the interweb and specifically the Pizza Express website or app for specials. 2 for 1's or free appetizers or some such are fairly regular visitors.