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London Eye

My wife and I purchased online, the standard eye ticket and not the fast track ticket. One thing that was confusing is the time we purchased for does not sound like this is guarenteed. Anyone have experience with using the London Eye online standard you usually get the time you requested? Thanks.

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We purchased ours for 9:30 p.m. and had no trouble getting on then at all. We showed up about 20 minutes early to get in line. This was at the end of May. This was about two years ago. I was just there two weeks ago, and noticed that there were only lines in the evenings, as it was getting darker. I don't think you'll have a problem getting on at your desired time.

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We were there in March and had no difficulty or lengthy wait for our afternoon time. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the posts below. We absolutely had no problem, no lines. We did get there at 10 however, first thing and noticed later as we walked buy at 1pm it was alot busier! So getting there early is the best. Buying the ticket online was great, you just bring your credit card to the kiosk inside the Court Building and it prints out the ticket.

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We were there 2 years ago in August. We pre-purchsed our tickets that morning on the internet. We wanted to get tickets for around sunset, so we requested that time.

We arrived a little early, picked up the tickets (easy!) and got in line. Since there WASN'T much of a line, they put us on early. I don't know if we could have stepped aside and waited until our "designated" flight time, but we got on anyway. It was just our smallish group of 9 and one other couple in our capsule. Plenty of room to walk around and snap the great shots.

The lights were starting to come on around London by the time we were 3/4 of the way 'round. I wish we would have waited. Sundown was beautiful and there was still enough light to get some great pics with the lights on Parliment, etc.

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I've ridden the eye many times and my observation is that the operations are a bit "lets pretend". You buy a ticket and you have a "departure time." I'm sure that during the summer when schools are out this can help in crowd control. If you think you just have to be in your capsule at a specific time and its a crowded night you need to get there early. Your departure time is not guaranteed.