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London experts- I need your help for best transportion options!

My boyfriend and I will arrive on Friday, September 5 and are leaving on Sunday, September 7th. We are staying in Bankside and want to see things within this area (Tower Bridge, Tower of London) and the Eye. We will also go to see the wax museum (I know-his idea) and leave on Eurostar. With that in mind, what in the best transportation option for us?
Thank you in advance!

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The Tube is almost always the best choice in London- get an Oyster Card- it is good on buses or the Tube and you can get other discounts with it.

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Ditto. The Tube. The more economical and fastest way to travel in London.

Make sure you allow yourself enough time to St. Pancreas to make your Eurostar appointment time

Your Oyster Card will get you where you need to go, either by bus or tube.

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There are also 2-for-1 offers associated with an Oyster card. See here: If those offers look good to you, then just buy Oyster cards, load £20 on them, and use them as PAYG (pay-as-you-go) cards. The Oyster computer will automatically calculate the best fare and you will never pay more each day than 50 pence less than what a one-day travelcard would cost for that day. When you're ready to leave London you can get back your deposit plus any unspent money left on the card.

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Wow, only one full day in London! I'd get an all-day pass for the tube or take a hop-on hop-off bus (better view from the bus than the tube but takes longer).

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Some of this depends on how far you are traveling. For shorter distances, the bus is better and especially if you have luggage with you (avoids going up and down stairs in the tube stations). Obviously, for the bus you need to be able to read the route maps and have a pretty good idea of where in London you are trying to get to.

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Take one of the hop on/off busses - they go by all the spots you mention. Although I love the tube, with your time limits being in the tube would mean that you'd not see a thing. Instead the bus gives you the option of enjoying the views, and if you get one of the guides who is a barrel of fun, you'll both learn something and truly enjoy the ride. Both times I've been to London I started the first day on the bus - GREAT way to sort out the layout of London.

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Thank you to everyone who answered. I think I will do the Oyster card that way I don't have to do too much prep, after jetlag I don't want to think too much!

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The Tube is the way to go.

Give yourself at least 30 minutes or more to go through the security for the Eurostar.

Have a great time.

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If you're doing Mme. Tussauds and the Eye (I happen to enjoy Mme. Tussauds!) consider booking them in advance together for a reduced fee. Save where it counts! I just went to Mme. Tussauds in Amsterdam and quite enjoyed myself!
Since you're short on time, consider purchasing all of your tickets (Tower of London, MT & Eye) in advance to save yourself some time. Don't forget to check out Tower Bridge at night - stunning.