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London: Bloomsbury or Chelsea

Hello, I'm considering renting an apt/flat for a one week stay while in London. Bloomsbury and Chelsea have been areas of interest. A safe, neighborhood-like location which would offer easy access to tube/bus to London points of interest. Would love the option to walk as much as possible. Any and all advice, experiences and suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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I would choose Bloomsbury. You'll be close to the British Museum, Holborn, Oxford St., Covent Garden, etc. Lots of things to see, and you can walk almost any direction and find something new. It's also very centrally located. Depending on where you are in Chelsea and what you're interested in seeing, you might have a bit of trip on the tube. I do love Kensington as an area, though I never wandered too far off the beaten path.

I think it all depends on what you'd like to see. You can get anywhere from virtually any point in London. It just depends on how well you read bus maps/schedules and the tube map, and how much time you want to take commuting.

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Bloomsbury is great, but in Chelsea you may find better prices for accommodation and I find Chelsea more "authentic". Both are good areas and indeed London is a city where there is plenty to see. is a blog with a few interesting articles on London neighborhoods and events where you can find good tips and ideasWhen are you going? so many events in London all the time, starting with the spring season and the Easter week end.

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Thank you both for your kind help. We were to go in May but have had to postpone due to an unforeseen happening.
I'll keep the dream alive in the meantime!!
Well Wishes to you both,