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London Attractions

If we plan to visit 5 or 6 museums / attractions, does it pay to buy a discount card? If so, which would be the best for National Museum, Churchill War Room,
Victoria & Albert Museum, Tower of London, British Museum and the London Eye? Thank you

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Some of the museums you have listed are free. The Victoria and Albert, British Museum and National Gallery do not charge for admission, although they may have special exhibits that have a fee. If you're planning to use the London Pass, I don't think the London Eye is included. The London Pass would work for the Tower of London and the Churchill War Rooms. Assuming that you're getting a one-day pass you would not come out ahead. You would pay 47 pounds for the pass verses admission prices of 17 and 21 pounds for the war rooms and tower. If you want to turbo tourist a bit and add a few more sites it might work out better.

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The Victoria & Albert Museum is free and I would go on line to purchase the London Eye tickets in advance. There was such a long line when we got there and with our tickets you went in a different area and we walked right on. Take in the 3-5 minute 3D movie in the building where you pick up the tickets(at the site) it is quite entertaining. We did get the London pass as we were there for 5 days and it did come in handy for the exhibits we visited. Check their site and add up the admission fees and see if the pass is warranted. It will help in that you do not have to stand in line to purchase tickets therefore spending more time at the sites. Tower of London Beefeater tour just great.

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I bought the two day London Pass once. We grouped all the covered sights into those days and were pretty busy. I was a small savings but we got to skip a moderate ticket line at the Tower of London. I have bought many passes and passed on many more. My advice is to do the math carefully for each one. Figure out which ones will save you time and/or money that can be practically used. If it isn't a clear winner, don't buy it. Generally, the longer passes provide the best opportunity to get real savings but you have to have enough covered sights to fill your time.