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London apartment rental - scam?


Has anyone rented a place through this website:

Does it look a little too good to be true? They have replied but haven't actually asked for any money but there is a 200 pound security deposit that has to be paid when we get there.

I am trying to rent a place for 2 people at the end of November for 2 weeks. I've never been to London before but I have heard of the very high price of accommodations so just wondering what people think. If anyone reading this lives in London, maybe they can try calling the number for me? Maybe there are other factors that I am not thinking of.


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Have you checked them out on TripAdvisor? That site has the best reviews on the net.

Trip Advisor

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Yes, it is a scam. I rent out a studio in South Kensington and a prospective guest contacted me to ask my opinion, as a favour. The phone number on the site rings through to a bank. They know nothing about it. Also the company registration number is not in the correct numerical format. The Baden Powel Youth Hostel in this area has rooms ranging from 75-98 GBP per night, for a room, so that should give you a view on the price of properties in the area! It is a very expensive location. Judith

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If you need a cheap place to stay, look at If nothing else, use it as a backup plan. Rent an apt. and if it is not suitable, then you at least have a place to stay. We did a similar think in Paris this summer, but rented Etap on Dr. Babinski. We got to the apt. and it was not acceptable by a long shot. Went on to Etap and stayed there. We had NOT sent any money ahead to guarantee it, so there were no problems in leaving.

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643 posts is the website we rented an apartment in London through, they are very professional and the service was exceptional. They have an office in USA and we couldn't have been happier with the apartment we rented in South Kensington.