Has anybody used the Heathrow shuttle to central London called "London'Airport-Shuttle? They seem to be the only shuttle who will accommodate two people with two LARGE suitcases (instead of two medium), one medium, plus two carry-ons. Thank you.

Posted by carl
dallas, tx, usa
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This subject has been discussed many times on this page. Read the previous letters in this section; then read the archives and read the section "Flying to Europe". You will find lots of help.

Posted by Elaine
Mission Viejo, Calif., USA
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Thank you. I haven't been able to find any information about the shuttle or I wouldn't have asked. I looked under "Transportation" and wasn't successful. I don't know where "Traveling in Europe" is. I looked under "Europe", but didn't see any comments about the "London-Airport-Shuttle". I Googled "Heathrow Shuttles". That is where I found shuttles which only transport two people with two carry-ons and two medium suitcases each.

Posted by Tatiana
London, London, UK
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Hi Elaine,
My name is Tatiana, I am a PR representative for Dot2Dot. Dot2Dot is an on-demand door to door airport shuttle service between Heathrow and central London, for a maximum of £19 per person each way. Your free luggage allowance on Dot2Dot is one piece of hand luggage and two large cases per person, which means you will be able to take all your suitcases mentioned in your question on board with no extra charge. If you need more information, please visit www.dot2.com. I hope you enjoy your stay in London. Take care.

Posted by Tami
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Piccadilly line from Heathrow to Central london is only less than 5 pounds per person. Takes about 35 minutes.

Posted by carl
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You can find "Flying within Europe" by going to the Graffiti Wall home page. Half way down on that page you will see "Transportation" in the right column. Under that heading you will find "Flying within Europe". Read those comments.

Posted by Frank
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Ya, it "ain't" gonna work !!! With two large suitcases, two carry-ons, and a medium suitcase, they will be lucky to get to the front door let along trying to use the subway. Moving any distances will be a problem. Hate to ask why so much luggage.