Two seniors traveling with a 14 yr old grandson Need nice hotel with air. Not too expensive but nice near circle line AND PREFERABLY IN VICTORIA STATION NEIGHBORHOOD.

Posted by Claudia
Land of La
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Are you there now or looking for the future? Air? As in air conditioning? AC?
Sorry but the thought of it ever getting hot enough in London for AC is making me smile. What does not too expensive but nice mean to you? In Yank terms, a Marriott? Holiday Inn? Dury Inn? Or Motel 6 budget? There's a Doubletree By Hilton. Never stayed there so can't recommend it persae. There's also a Premier Inn. Check out both their reviews on TripAdvisor.

Posted by Kira
Seattle, WA, USA
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Dolores, it looks like you have posted this question twice? :-) Since this this one is more specific, you might want to delete your other posting.

Posted by Betsy
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We were in London just last week and stayed at the Doubletree London Victoria for one night before picking up our tour. It has an excellent location - just around the corner from the Victoria Tube Station. Not sure of the price, this area is not inexpensive but worth checking out. Also had free WiFi in lobby which made 19 yr. old happy!

Posted by Anita
Long Beach, California, USA
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We have stayed at the Ebury House Hotel's right around the corner from Victoria. It's certainly not the Ritz but the price is good, they serve a full English breakfast, and is on a quiet street. It has been several years since we stayed there so I can't vouch for how it is now. Check reviews on Trip Advisor for recent experiences. We are not picky about where we sleep because that's all we do when we're on vacation in the hotel room...sleep! We are gone ALL day and don't linger inside.
As far as AC goes...I doubt that you will need it in London. I've spent a fair amount of time there over the course of 5 different summers and there was only one that was truly warm enough to make we wish we had AC.

Posted by Sharon
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
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We've been to London many times (typically stay in Kensington) - only twice did we wish we had air conditioning and those two times we about roasted it was so hot and not much circulation into the hotel room. So the chances are slim for needing it, but it does happen.

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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I would opt for the air-conditioning. We have needed it twice in late June- early July. If you don't need it fine, but if you are stuck with a room that is so hot and stuffy it's hard to sleep, it could spoil your enjoyment of London.