Hello fellow travelers!
I am visiting London next summer and will stay about 2 weeks.I have begun to check out accomodations and would like to be thrifty since I am staying longer than a few days. Are the hostels a good bet? How about apt rentals? Any help is appreciated..Laura

Posted by Eileen
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Have a look at Cherry Court Hotel near Victoria Station. Extremely reasonable in a great location. We have stayed there on 3 occasions. Rooms are super tiny, but the price and location can' t be beat. The owners are great.

Posted by Kira
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Hostels can be a great bet! It's the being able to cook your own food thing that can make a real difference in London. Food can be pricey: even lower-range chains (and there are many, some with really tasty food) can make your eyes water, especially compared with American options like dollar menus. .

Posted by Anita
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Try are some really good deals in London.

Posted by Anita
Long Beach, California, USA
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Try are some really good deals in London.

Posted by Geor
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Hi Laura: I spent 16 days in London last summer to attend the Olympic Games. Have previously stayed in a university hall of residence I decided to again stay in a dorm on this trip. I chose the International House of the University of Westminster mainly because they allowed me to make a reservation nearly one year in advance while some of the other universities would not take reservations until the spring the year of the trip. My cost was about $67 per night for a single room that had a bed, a desk, wash basin/sink, closet, and drawer. The toilet in one room and shower in the other room was just one room away from mine. The toilet and shower were single occupancy, and if one of them was occupied I would use another one that was maybe four or five rooms away. There was a kitchen for every suite of about four or five rooms some of which held two people. The International House was one long block away from the North Lambeth tube station and about four blocks away from the Waterloo train station so getting around was not a problem. I would check out the the various university dorm rooms if you are willing to spend about $60 - $70 per night for a private room and do no not mind sharing the toilet and shower. Most of the guide books that aim for budget travelers mention these halls of residence.

Posted by Sarah
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Hi Laura - I was in London about a year ago for 8 nights and stayed at Vancouver Studios in a single room for 75 pounds per night. The room had its own bathroom and a tiny kitchenette - fridge, microwave, hot plate, even plates and utensils. I bought food from a grocery store and ate most of my meals in to save money. You would have to do the math to see if an apartment would be cheaper than a room at VS (75 pounds per night x 16 nights = 1,200 pounds) but you could save money on food if you go to a grocery store.

Posted by Tom
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Laura, I agree with Sarah, you need to do the math but Vancouver Studios worked out great for my wife and me this past June. Nice hotel, kitchenette and a good location in Bayswater area.

Posted by gone
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Laura, if $$$ is a concern, say so. it helps with recommendations. also, if you have any aversions to cramped quarters. happy trails.

Posted by Jenn
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I am looking for cheap (under $75/night)lodging in London for Nov 19-22, somewhere close to the O2(no more than 1-2 miles.) If it's on the same side of the Thames as the O2, that would be better, but if the ferries and tube and trains are still running late at night and I can get across the river that way, I'd consider something on the other side. (I think the walking path that goes under the Thames is still under construction until 2014 sometime) I also need a room for Nov 25th and 26th and possibly the 27th-area doesn't really matter, as long as it's close to a tube station, train station, or bus stop. It also needs to be clean, cheap, and in a safe neighborhood. Small is no problem-just going to be me & a backpack. A single room is preferred, but will consider communal lodging (hostels), as long as I'm not sharing with 10+ people (4-6, max.)If I am sharing, it would have to be a female-only room. I'm ok with shared bathrooms, as long as there isn't just one for the entire building, whether its a B&B, a hostel or small family run hotel. Brand names don't matter to me-just cheap, safe, clean, and close proximity to where I need to be. May go up to Norwich on the 27th-definitely need to be there on the 28th though (so 1-2 days there)-still need suggestions for Norwich-maybe a B&B if you know of reputable ones close to Epic Studios. I have accommodations for the rest of my trip, but any help with these would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks so much, in advance!

Posted by Swan
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45£ per night puts you in hostel territory in London. Check with a Let's Go book for good hostels. Some are better than others.

Posted by gone
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Laura, im not sure where the 02 is in london. But if youre still looking, check out the easyhotels. They have several around london and are in your price range. They do nickel and dime you for things, but they are clean and safe. just about all the room they have is for you and a backpack. but they do have larger rooms too. im not sure about the school times, but on my recent trip i spent a night in one of the London school of economics dorm room near kings-x. they have other dorms thru central? london too. if they are out, they should have rooms. They do have apartments for rent, but im not sure of their cost. It was about 20 buck more than the easyhotel i usually stay at, but i wanted to try them out for size. happy trails and good luck.

Posted by Cary
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We rented a great flat in Kensington for 5 nights last May. It was a 5 min walk to either Gloucester Rd or Kensington tube stations; lots of pubs & restaurants in varying price ranges; a Waitrose, Boots, hair salon @ Gl Rd tube. I don't remember the price but PM me and I can look it up and/or give you the e-mail contact for the owner.