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Logistics of Oslo Package for a family of four

In August 2014 my family of four (kids 9 and 6 at time of trip) will be going to Norway, Sweden, and Iceland for three weeks. I have started making reservations for the trip. I've had great luck with for many of the hotel reservations, but I wanted to try the Oslo Package offered by the TI because it is supposed to be a good deal for families with younger kids.

I went to the site, but only brought up two results for my booking search, and I have to believe there are more than two places that could accommodate my family! The cheaper result didn't include a buffet breakfast, only a breakfast sandwich and OJ dropped at your door, and the other hotel that did include a breakfast buffet was much too expensive (about $350 a night).

My question: is it better to book the Oslo Package through one of the travel agents like Rick suggests in the Scandinavia guide, or should I just book a room separately using or another general booking site and just buy the Oslo Pass separately?

Tusen takk!

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when i do my research, i look at ALL of possibilities that fits my needs/$$$. Then i choose from there. If one dosnt cut it, then go for the other one or do more searching.

i found that some of the hotels included a morning meal in the price some were optional. this is my opinion. If you dont think you will have the time to get food in the morning, then go for the breakfast. but i dont see how you cant find a place to eat somewhere. I also look at the price of the meal. breakfast is about the ONLY meal i can eat everyday since im not sure what or where i will be during the day on being a tourist.

If you plan on traveling more in the future, try doing some research and look at what you can do for yourself unless you can find some other package that maybe suggested by someone.

you can also use the as a search engine. then look at the hotels web site to see/verify how the price differs. just so you know, charges the place a fee.

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I was in Oslo in 2003, but at that time, I was able to get a better deal for my needs by booking the hotel and the Oslo Card separately. So, do look at his recommended hotels (particularly the Thon hotels, which include a buffet breakfast).