lodging suggestions in central London

The highly recommended bed and breakfast we booked in February has just notified us that they have had to close for operating a commercial establishment in a residence (which is actually what we thought a bed and breakfast was). At any rate, my two other family members and I (total of three people in the room) are stuck. We'll only be spending one day in London and wish to be near the tourist locations, since time will be at a premium. We will be arriving at the St. Pancras station. The B&B we booked included breakfast of course and was $160 per night including VAT. Does anyone have any suggestions about good alternative lodgings near St. Pancras? Thank you very much!

Posted by j.c.
NC, United States
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There's a Premier Inn a block or two down the street at King's Cross. Will likely be a bit more expensive. I stayed there overnight a couple of years ago. No problems, no hassle. You can catch the Tube at King's Cross. Have you asked the erstwhile B&B for recommendations? They must have inconvenienced quite a few people.

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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The Bloomsbury neighborhood (near the British Museum) is about a mile from St. Pancras and has many reasonably priced hotels - might be closer to $200, but worth checking out as an alternative. From that neighborhood, you can walk to most of the tourist attractions.