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Locker-type storage in London

Hello, I am staying in London, in the Victoria Station neighborhood, for a few days before venturing out into England and Scotland, and then coming back to London to fly out. I plan on making some purchases while initially in London that I won't want to lug around the rest of the country. Does anyone know of a place where I might be able to rent a small storage space (locker size or a little bigger) in London for about a week? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Jessica, I'm sorry you haven't heard anything from those in the know. What I've been told by workers in Victoria Station is that the lockers are gone due to bomb scares. I'd suggest you buy something like the "don't tell Rick bag" Hide away tote that you can put your purchases into and then check it with the left luggage people at any of the major stations (Victoria being one) Good luck. I so understand this dilema as we've experienced it almost every time we go to the UK.

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there are manned lockers at the victoria bus terminal but this could be pricey.