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Hi. I will be traveling alone to Dublin (and that's the way I want it). I am looking for an economical way to stay there and a bed and breakfast is a bit too warm and fuzzy for the trip I'm taking and most of the apartments for 3-4 weeks are almost $3,000 american dollars. I really prefer to the privacy as this is a sabbatical of sorts. I have experience house sitting but don't think I can find a place fast enough. I will be going for 3-4 weeks in September. Any suggestions? I need a very small place where I can prepare meals, have wifi and shower/sleep... nothing super extra. Any ideas would be helpful! Thank you!

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Karen, we use VRBO for most of our apt rentals thruout the world. Follow their instructions to ensure that your Email requests are actually going to the owner/representative, rather than someone who spoofs their email link, and grabs your $$$$. If possible rent using a credit card. Rent a place with lots of good reviews, and Google map/ Streetview the location to ensure that it is not next to some lively all night pub, etc. Also check out rentals on Airbnb; you can find some awesome deals there. Again, use due diligence when checking these out. And your credit card is your great protector. If you are over 50, there are some B&B clubs you can join (Evergreen Club, Affordable Travel Club, etc.) that let you stay in members homes for prices like $15-20 nite with Bfast. Affordable has more locations in the EU than Evergreen. The hitch; you have to reciprocate(at your convience), and stays are usually limited to 3 days. But we have friends who find members who will let them stay for a week, or more,(with no bfast required) in a self-contained quarters, and they also find members that want house sitters for periods of time, etc. We are members of one of the clubs, and have met some wonderful people thru the club.

Posted by Claudia
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Airbnb. For example; Always make certain there are a lot of positive comments and that the host responds to all of your questions? Will I be close to public transport? Hidden charges? Heating? Etc.
I love airbnb.

Posted by Jim
Bern, Switzerland
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Hi Karen, I've used the "Millennium Tower & Walk Apartments" offered by in the past and found them to very handy. There is a tram stop with in easy walking distance and O'Connell street is just a short hop. Jim.

Posted by Karen
Lorton, USA
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Thanks all and I'm not over 50 so no club for me,I guess. :-) I sent a request about an apartment on the site mentioned above and have yet to get a reply 24 hours later so I will make sure it went to the owner. Thank you.