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Lion King in London

On one of our evenings, we are thinking of taking our three children (ages 15,12,8) to the Lyceum Theatre to see Lion King. It is a bit of an expensive evening, does anyone have any feedback based on their experience?

Thank you.

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We saw the Lion King here in the states and it literally brings tears to your eyes. The opening is that moving. I highly recommend it, and telling your friends you saw it in London only adds to the experience!

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I took my four children, 17, 14, 10 and 8 (girls and boys) to see Lion King last year and for the first time ever all of my kids, as well as my husband and I loved the evening. It is fantastic. I can't imagine a better evening.

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Do it. The Theater in London is about the only thing that is reasonable. The theater atmosphere in London is far more casual that the theater in the US. They will enjoy it. We saw Wicked in September. You might consider that.

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We took our sons during the summer of 2006 to the Lion King and that was one of the highlights of our whole trip. (They were 13 and 18 at the time) We were all totally enthralled. We also ate dinner at the pub next door and that was fun.

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Lion King at the Lyceum was a highlight of our England trip with kids 11 & 13. Definitely do it.

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I'm sure it is definitely worth it, and even the most expensive tickets in London are less than what I have seen in NYC or Chicago.

You could always try the ticket booth in Leicester Square when you get there for 1/2 price tickets. Or try directly at the box office. Some of our tour group members got great prices same day.

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About buying tickets from the discount place-you might not get all tickets together, and you might not get tickets at all. That's bad news if you've promised the kids. Go ahead, splurge, and the kids will love you for it. I know the kids will know the story, but if you haven't seen the movie, do so before the play so you can be amazed at the the way the puppetry was adapted to the scenes.

The Lion King is loosely based on Hamlet.

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I've seen the Lion King 4 times - two of which were in London. I highly encourage you to go. Try to get floor seats - closer to the middle aisle if possible so you're not obstructed by the balcony.
Here's a link to TheatreMonkey - they'll give you maps and will show you where the best seats in the house are.

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Also consider the Lord of the Rings. Hobbits run all around the theater and the special effects are not to be believed!

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GO! Theatre anywhere is great for children to experience with their parents.
Lion King is an amazing piece of work. It will be a memorable evening for all of you.

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Last April we were in London for theater - we stopped off most mornings at the 1/2 price tickets booth in Leicester Square and got 4 seats together for several shows [Lion King matinee, Les Mis, and Guys and Dolls]; it took a bit of time in the morning but not too bad. I would say try the booth early in your trip, and stop by the theater if the booth doesn't have what you want. [I also must confess I did not like LK, putting me out of sync with most posters here, but partly it's because the miking was painfully loud where I was sitting. Costumes and puppetry are fabulous!] I second the recommendation for the TheatreMonkey site - extremely useful and fun to read. Have a great time!

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Lion King is wonderful in London! If you have a few days, just keep trying at the Half-Price booth in "lester" square. We had great luck there - and got nice tickets on a Friday night (in October...).
Good Luck!