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Left Luggage Science Museum of London

Hey guys... Does anyone know if there's a left luggage facility in or near the Science Museum of London? I see in their website there's a cloakroom, but I'm guessing I can't leave a 60 liters backpack there, right? Thanks!

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No, a lot of London museums are really cracking down on size and weight of luggage because tourists were using their cloakrooms as left luggage facilities and leaving big items there all day, so there wasn't space for actual visitors' stuff. Victoria station is probably the closest unless anyone else knows of somewhere.

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There is a left luggage facility at the Natural History Museum. Charge for a bag over 9kg is £6. ... additional - seems the Science Museum cloakroom takes suitcases at £4 - may include large packs.

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Thank you both!
Looks like the Natural History Museum could be the winner...