leather coat in Florence

Any suggestions about buying a leather jacket in Florence. Do you recommend a shop? Are prices really better and how to tell the difference between real Italian and China imports? Thanks

Posted by Ed
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'......right off the bat you're paying an approximately 30% mark-up due to the dollar-to-Euro exchange rate.' Huh? The exchange rate, a long as it's steady, has nothing to do with mark-up or bargains. You can get sixteen plus yuan for a buck - - let's go buy China out and fix the trade problem.

Posted by Pamela
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Err.. you might also want to post this in the To the Boot section, there isn't any Florence in the UK. The only Florence I know of outside Italy, is Florence, Kentucky. There is a great mall in KY. ; ) Florence, Y'all! Pam

Posted by Bob
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Didn't realize I was on the wrong section. Thanks,