Kokar, Finland

How would I get from Mariehamn, Aland Finland to Kokar, Aland Finland?

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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Carol, First a caveat. I've never been to the Åland Islands. However, I speak some Swedish so I thought I'd see what info I could find in Swedish. It looks like you have to get from Mariehamn to Långnäs. How are you arriving to Mariehamn? Viking and Silja both have options (either bus or prebooked taxi) that can transfer you. If you let me know how you are arriving to Mariehamn, I can try to find more info for you. From Långnäs, there is a ferry that goes to Kökar. The schedule is here: http://www.alandstrafiken.ax/sites/www.alandstrafiken.ax/files/sodra_web.pdf If you are staying in a hotel in Kökar, you might want to write to them and ask for help. They should know the best options.