Kinsale, Colkilty, or Bunratty

I am taking my wife and 15 & 13 year old history buff kids to Ireland and have an extra night. Which place should we visit- Colkilty, Kinsale, or Bunratty? Maybe Cork or Cobh? Bunratty could include Moher, but I am worried that it would only be a 20 minute stop for the family. Thanks,

Posted by Cynthia
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Since your children enjoy history, you might also want to include a stop at Abbotstrewery Cemetery near Skibberean. You could include it with Kinsale; they are within an hour or so of each other.

Posted by Terry kathryn
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I enjoyed Bunratty and the surrounding area (although touristy) and as far as a stop at Moher...10 minutes did it for me. It was great to see it, take a few pictures, but it was so cold and rainy and windy that I did not want to stay longer. But, even if it were a beautiful day I would not have needed a ton of time.... just enough to see it.

Posted by Nancy
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Bunratty castle is an interesting place, and is connected to a "folk park" that shows historical rural Irish life, complete with animals. Our kids really liked it. There is also a nice little shopping center across the road. The Cliffs of Moher has a relatively new interpretive center built into the hill. If it doesn't take up enough time for you, you could wander a bit north and see the Burren. Cork is a city. Cobh is a cute little coastal village with a cathedral, and a great museum (Queenstown Story). Since you haven't said anything about the other places you are visiting, it is hard to say which would fit better into your schedule or your route.

Posted by don
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We are heading to Dublin then going to Kilkenny the next day, although I am having second thoughts about it- perhaps it is only a pub town and we should pass it by. The plan was to see Cashel day 3 on the way to Dingle town for 2 nights. The fifth night is open- which is where these other places fit in. We return to Dublin after that. It is all open to change.

Posted by Nancy
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Personally, I don't care much for Kilkenny, but I wouldn't call it a pub town. There is a castle there (really more of a mansion), and a couple of pretty churches, but also narrow streets, lots of traffic and a lack of parking. From your plan, I think Bunratty is the only choice that makes sense. You would be backtracking to visit Cork, Kinsale, or Cobh after Dingle.

Posted by Mary
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Hi, Kilkenny is a nice town. I don't know that I would make a special trip for it. You may want to stay in Killarny, it is on the way to Dingle. I think it won the Tidy Town award in 2012. The west coast of Ireland is beautiful, like Kinsale as well. Mary