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Kings Cross Station

We are planning our 2nd trip to England for next spring. Our last trip was a 2 week whirlwind of the entire country plus a wee bit of Scotland. This trip is 8 days dedicated to London. I have been checking out hotels and found one in our budget near Kings Cross Station. Is this a decent area to stay in?? Since we will be staying there for a week I want to be sure that I will feel comfortable in the area....

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I have never stayed in Kings Cross but have used it to connect, as many of our fellow travelers have at that station.

If you want to check out your hotel, try Perhaps someone will comment about the area, if they felt safe, etc.

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It's a good area to stay in terms of transport connections; both rail and tube. But it is a very busy area:lots of people and lots of traffic noise from the streets. But most of the hotels in the area are more affordable. Whether or not you will like this area depends on what you value more: peaceful location vs good transport connections/affordable room rates.

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Seven years ago, on my last night before flying home, I got stuck with only enough money to take the airport shuttle @ King's Cross. So I spent the night hanging out in front of the station & had conversations with all sorts of people.
This summer I went back, and walked around the area again and it seemed slightly better. While I wouldn't want to stay adjacent to the station (noise & nightlife, as previously mentioned) it's not any worse than staying near downtown Tacoma. Just follow basic safety rules in any big city (don't walk down dimly lit alleys, etc). - is a website dedicated to the community. Check it out.
Also, have you considered B&B's a little out of the city center? Affordable & slightly different than staying in a hotel.

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We stayed across from Euston station, about 7 blocks west. I would say that to the east and north of King's cross seemed to be slightly more run down than to the south and west, but we didn't get more than a couple of blocks past K.C to the east or north. That is to say, I was walking at night without fear, but it did seem to be a bit seedier than the previous 7 blocks.

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Nathalie, we are going to be in London next March and I have been searching hotels for a while. Have come across one near Kings Cross station, The Jesmond Dene Hotel, 27 Argyle St. Kings Cross. It got excellent reviews on the Trip Advisor site. Also it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Google it and check it out

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Kings Cross is not an especially nice part of London to stay in - we have stayed there for one night just to be near the station for a train to Scotland the next day but there are much much nicer areas. We stayed in Argyle Street which is convenient to the station and is a street full of budget hotels. I could not recommend the hotel we stayed in - even for one night - it was horrible. Have you considered an apartment -you will find that the price may be similar and it would potentially be a nicer experience.

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It is not the best area to stay very busy and noisy. If you want a budget hotel in a good part of town try the Premier Travel Inn at London County Hall, near the London Eye.