Kalmar Sweden in April? Are we crazy?

My husband will be spending two weeks in Kalmar for business in April (mid April) and then again in May. I want to tag along and visit the region. What can we expect in the way of weather/things to do? Anyone know the best airline to consider from the Dallas area to Kalmar? Looks like AA doesn't really service that region. Thanks!!

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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No, you are not crazy to visit in April (although May would be better). The weather will be chilly, but you should definitely have some sunny days. From Kalmar, you are quite close to the glass region and the island of Ă–land; these areas are easiest to explore by car. Kalmar is small.

As far as flights, to get to Kalmar, you will almost definitely be flying via Stockholm. That likely means two stops. Getting from the States to Stockholm usually means a change in either Chicago, Newark, London, or Frankfurt. You will probably find the most options with Star Alliance (SAS, United, Lufthansa) as the leg from Stockholm to Kalmar will almost certainly be on SAS.

Posted by Ron
southwest, Missouri, U.S.A.
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Hello Theresa. I would fly to Copenhagen. (DELTA airlines, from Atlanta). And ride in trains from Copenhagen to Kalmar. I was at Copenhagen, and in Sweden, in May of 2007.

Posted by Beth
Sacramento, CA, USA
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Theresa.........I think you will enjoy the "shoulder" season in Sweden...and Kalmar is further South so the weather will be a bit milder... if you can take a train from Copenhagen ( time permitting) and rent a car... you will have more flexibility....the area South of Kalmar - around Skillenge and Tommarp is interesting........I have been in May and October and both are fine....

Let us know you end up doing and experiencing!!!

Posted by Sharon
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I was in Kalmar at a different time of the season, but I will have to say it is a very cute town. A lot of street musicians were out and about when we were there. The castle is nice to visit and Oland Island is fantastic. The museum is supposed to be interesting, but we never made it there. As has been said, you can either fly into Stockholm or Copenhagen and commute (by train or rental car). We took the train from Stockholm, and it took an entire day and we had to transfer once. We rented a car in Kalmar. We did also drive over to glass country which is interesting.