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Jubilee Hotel, London

We have made reservations at the Jubilee Hotel in London. It is listed in Rick Steves' book. Anyone ever stayed there? Any feedback?

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My family and I just returned from London last week and stayed at the Jubilee Hotel for two nights. It's clean, but not fancy. The walls showed some wear (like where people had put their feet on the walls) and one piece of furniture (a desk) was missing a drawer, but none of this really bothered us. The carpet throughout the hotel seemed to be new. Small bathroom, but adequate for our family (we had a room for three). The breakfast was plentiful--cereal, toast, juice, yogurt--and served promptly. The staff was welcoming and helpful. I was thrown at the end of our stay when given the total of our bill in dollars. I know to look out for this and questioned it. The woman at the desk said something along the lines of, "Because it's an American credit card, it shows your total in dollars." Well, that sounds logical, but I knew it wasn't right (or at least I didn't think so). I've traveled a lot in Europe and never had this happen. I questioned her again and didn't get anywhere, so I signed the receipt for the dollar total and figured I'd work it out with my credit card company when I got home. In the end, everything was fine--my credit card company didn't attach any additional fees to the bill, just the normal 3.5% or so that was posted on the receipt I signed. Anyway, I think we'd stay there again. My wife had no complaints and it's very convenient to Victoria Station and the express train to Gatwick. Oh--it's reasonable, too.

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Please, choose other accommodations! The location was great, but truly that is the only positive about the Jubilee. Our room was filthy, with a horrible odor coming from the bathroom, sheets did not appear to be clean and there were questionable stains on the headboard. The staff was unfriendly and the handling of the silverware for breakfast was unsanitary. We needed to store our luggage for several hours on our departure day. We were charged a pound per piece of luggage and it was left out in the common area.

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Cindy, You have reactivated a post from 2007 (that's March 2007, over 5 years ago). There's just the off chance that nathalie has made her trip and returned by now. If you want to discuss a question please start your own thread so posters can reply to you rather than to her.