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Itinerary Planning

The plans for the last half of our 2 week trip are suddenly up in the air as our reservation on a flat just outside of London was abruptly cancelled yesterday (long story!). Our original plans went like this:

~fly into London, take train to Matlock and spend first night there
~see Chatsworth the next day, then train to York for the next 2 nights
~drive through North Yorkshire Moors, spending the night in Whitby
~drive back to York the next morning, then catch the train to Oxford
~2 nights in Oxford

At this point we were supposed to go to the flat in Wimbledon for the remaining 7 nights.

I think we've decided to go from Oxford to Bath for at least 2 nights (maybe 3?) and we want to spend the last 3 nights in London.

So our problem is where to go in-between? My mum suggested Dorset, but I think we'd have to rent a car to do that as the transportation links from Bath seem rather convoluted.
Don't want to do Stratford, have considered Brighton for 2 nights (but again, getting there...?), or we could just pick one of the small Cotswold towns and stay there I suppose??

Any great ideas...we're open to all suggestions right now!

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Think of this as an opportunity, not a disaster.

If you want someplace between oxford and Bath, easy to access without a car, why not the Cotswold town that you can reach by train from Oxford---it's Moreton-in-Marsh.

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Check out Cardiff Wales. It is on the train route from Bath (about an hour). It is a really cool city. Lots of fun shopping, a neat harbor, great markets, good restruants and a castle in the heart of the city.

Then its an easy train ride on to London (about 2 hours).

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Salisbury is a great small town to visit for a few days; small enough that you can walk, dont need a car, on a main train line; on the smae side of the country as Bath- so you can get there conveniently; wonderful cathedral worth visiting, and close to Stonehenge. Short distance to get back to London by train. A longer distance would be York in the North East; very similar to Salisbury; compact walled town Cardiff is just a big City