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Itinerary feedback for first-time travel in Ireland

We are traveling for 8 days/nights in early Oct. We are driving, and considering this itinerary. After arriving in Dublin in the morning -- 2 nights Kilkenny, 2 nights Dingle, 2 nights Galway, and final 2 nights in Dublin. We used Rick Steves' book as a guide, but are wondering if this itinerary is pushing it too far too fast. We want to see both Dublin and the West Coast and a few points in between. Any tips are much appreciated!

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Since I don't know what you plan to do on these days, it's hard to say if you are dividing your time well or not. On the surface of it, it's easily doable, but have you considered flying out of Shannon instead of going back to Dublin? Going back would give you a chance to see the interior of the country, but you might prefer to take your time more across the southern part instead. Kilkenny to Dingle is going to be a long haul in one drive, and to do it you'll miss the Cork area (Cobh, Kinsale, Blarney) altogether.

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I think this looks good. We did a very similar drive in 7 days. One thing about being there; you'll want to stay longer. I hope to go further north next time as we went to Galway and then back to Dublin. The drive is 6 hours give or take stopping, getting lost, etc. Have a great time!

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We've been to Ireland three times, and our first time we were over-scheduled. We spent too much time in the car and not enough time relaxing and enjoying ourselves. When we've been back, we usually stay 3 nights at each place, which gives us time to unwind.

I would suggest cutting your stops down by one. Remember, driving in Ireland is tough - you average maybe 35 mph, maybe less. And the roads are not well marked or lit, and in October the days are getting shorter.

At any rate, of the places you have listed, the can't miss is Dingle.


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Thanks for your help! We are flying in and out of Dublin -- it's unlikely we can change that now. It would be nice to spend 4 hours or less per day in the car but I'm not sure this is possible given what I've been reading here.