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Isle of Mull and Fingal's Cave

During our upcoming trip to Scotland we are looking forward to visiting these two places. Can anyone suggest the best way to see both? We will not be staying on the Isle of Mull and were thinking of starting out from Oban. We will be traveling by car, so we could depart from another city if it is a better way to go.

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You'll want to depart from Oban. The thing that you need to realize is that Mull is bigger than you think. I stayed in Tobermory in the north for three nights I really needed all three days! On one day I did take the "two island tour," I drove to Fionnphort where I left my car and the boat took us to Staffa and then on to Iona. It was a wonderful tour, it was also on 9/11 so I often think back to Iona and the Abbey there which is devoted to peace. So, you can definitely do the same thing. What I'm not sure of is how much time you would have to see much of Mull. On my other two days, one was devoted to driving in the countryside and the other to looking at the castles. Duarte, is a very historic castle. Check out some of the history of the time of the Lords of the Isles. So, here's a link to one of the tour operators. You might find that it's easier to just take the "Three Island Tour." Pam Pam

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My husband and I have been to Mull 4-5 times. We always stay in Oban (love the city!) and have stayed at several places but the one we liked the best is the Dunheasish Guest House, room #4. You can take pictures from your window and get the best in all of Oban! William and Linda are very fine hosts. Our favorite restaurants in Oban are Ee-Usk (gaelic for fish) and their pizza restaurant just steps next door. They were the 2005 Favorite Seafood Restaurant of the Year. You take the ferry to Mull ( or and land in Craignure. Then it depends on what you want to do from there. We ALWAYS spend at least a day on the isle of Iona. BEAUTIFUL and extremely interesting! Lying just a mile off the coast of Mull, the Isle of Iona was an early centre for Christianity which has long held a special magic. Iona is both a beautiful and ancient place, and any visit to Mull should include a visit to Iona. A short ferry crossing from Fionnphort on Mull takes you to Iona; non-residents must leave their cars at Fionnphort. Fionnphort itself is 37 miles from Craignure. YOu can book all of these tours while still there in Oban or wait until you get to Craignure. We always book in Oban.
There is Duart Castle (you go right by it on the way in on the ferry), Torosay, & Glengorm. There are 3 that are ruins but interesting - Moy, Dun Ara Castle, & Aros Castle. Staffa is really cool (Fingal's Cave). While in Craignure you can book a tour boat to Staffa. Hope all of this is helpful!

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My husband and I took the three island three years ago, and my son and his wife took it last year. We all loved it. You really only see Mull from the bus ride, but you get to explore Staffa and Iona on your own. It leaves from Oban, which is a great base for seeing the islands.