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Is the london pass worth it? I know you all get sick of the questions about

We are planning to see lots of the sights on the london pass, we will be in london for 1 week, is it a good deal? I don't see the things we want to see on the oyster card deals? Skipping lines sounds good.

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First, the tranportation portion of the London pass is definitely not a good deal. You can do much better with a seven-day travelcard loaded on an Oyster card.

Second, most of the major museums in London are free. The only way to know if the admission portion of the London pass will be a good deal for you is to go to the Web sites of the places you wish to visit that charge admission and are covered by the London pass, add up the entrance fees, and see if they total more or less than the pass.

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Michelle, I did the London Pass and boy, I ran around like a headless chicken to make sure I got my money's worth

So it is worth it?? I say unless you know you can hit 3 museums/attractions a day, then skip it.

If you know you will go to the big ones, then get just 1 day and make a day of it.

Key thing is plan ahead. If you go with the pass and no game plan, then you'll waste your money.

Remember than the pass does not cover ALL the attractions. Tower of London, though, is covered and we loved it!