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Is Spa in Bath worth it?

I will be in Bath for two nights at the end of August. Does anyone have any experiences to share on using the Thermae Spa? Either treatments or just using the pools? I hav eheard mixed reviews. Thanks,

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My wife and other family and friends who have been there have enjoyed the experience. Whether it is unique and special enough if you are travelling from Chicago is another matter. There are lots of other things to see and enjoy in Bath and the surrounding area, so you really need to decide if it one of your priorities. However, if you are staying a couple of nights in Bath, using the roof-top pool would be interesting and relaxing.

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if you have time you should do it, but it's not critical, it's just ok. the walk around town is pretty good, esp. early in the morning you can get many beautiful pictures of the streets. the day trip from bath to the Stonehenge and several little villages along the way was really good, if you do that during the day then skip the bath, but if you stay in town during the day you can do the bath to kill some time. the city is not very big.

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My wife and I enjoyed our visit in 2009 since we made our appointment as the first item of business after we arrived in England. After a long flight, followed by the train, with connections, to the city of Bath, it was nice to check into the hotel, then head over to the spa for some relaxation. My wife, who is a frequent spa-goer, "liked" it, but it wasn't "amazing." For her it was more the chance to take it easy after a long voyage. I'm not a big spa person so I liked the more modest style of both the pools and the massage rooms. It wasn't cheap, but I'd do it again on our next visit.

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I wouldn't recommend it unless it's important to you to have the experience which I get. Plenty of other things to do in and around Bath.